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Rider Awards


Anne Overwater Memborial Trophy

Most Improved Independent Rider



Anne Overwater was born in 1958 in Parkdale, MB, and moved to Didsbury in 1962.  She attended school in Didsbury and graduated from Horizon School in Olds.  She worked at the Olds Bottle Depot, and the Didsbury Hospital as a volunteer in the recycling program.  Anne's first love was bowling but her second love was horse back riding.  She loved all animals and the company of her fellow riders and volunteers.  Anne passed away in 1994 from heart complications.  Her spirit lives on in the spirits of all the riders and volunteers at MVSRA.  Ride on!

Don Lynch Memorial Trophy

Most Outstanding Volunteer

Heather Toews

Don Lynch was a volunteer for MVSRA for many years, holding the treasurer position and helping out wherever possible.  Don was an amazing man who gave of himself and his time to make our community a better place.  All those who knew Don will remember him fondly as being very caring and understanding.  The outstanding volunteer of the year award is given to an individual who, like Don, has made contributions in time and energy to MVSRA over and above what is expected.  The decision of who gets such an award is always a difficult one, as all of our volunteers are so important to us.  

Ryan Boutwell Memorial Trophy

Achievement In The Face of Challenge


This memorial trophy is presented to the rider who has overcome a significant challenge to enjoy and improve their riding skills.  Ryan Boutwell was a little boy who started riding with MVSRA when he was eight years old.  Ryan could not walk or talk and was also hearing and visually impaired.  When he first started to ride he required total support from his side walkers, but by his third year, he could balance himself for several rounds about the arena.  Ryan loved to ride and cuddle his pony and you could often hear him giggling as he experienced the freedom of movement.  He was especially proud the summer he rode Blondie in the Olds Parade.  Many of our riders are faced with similar challenges that Ryan had, and have also been able to succeed and make achievements in their riding ability in spite of those challenges.

Earl Stewart Memorial Trophy



Earl Stewart was a long time resident of Mountain View County.  He enjoyed all aspects of country living, with riding being a particular favourite - in part to his involvement with the Canadian Cavalry in WWII.  He worked on many farms and ranches to be near the horses.  After becoming a long term resident of Didsbury Hospital, Earl was able to continue riding with MVSRA.  Earl always took the time to brush, pet, and chat with his horse, and because of his love for horses, this Horsemanship Award is given in his name.  Thank you to the Didsbury Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion for providing the perpetual trophy, and Bob and Mary Foster for the keeper trophy.

Clarke Owens Memorial Trophy

Most Sportsmanlike Rider


This award is presented to the rider who exhibits the most sportsmanlike attitude towards their fellow riders with their encouragement and helpfulness.  Clarke Owens was a faithful volunteer at the MVSRA, bringing two or three horses each week.  Clarke and his family also supplied a team and wagon for parades for many years.  No matter the weather, Clarke could be seen riding and trailering his horses down the road to the Cow Palace.  Clarke's dedication and quiet good humour was an encouragement to volunteers and riders alike.  Clarke was an integral part of MVSRA for many years.

Spring, 2017

Trail Night Winners

Trail Class #1:


  1. Tracy riding Cowboy

  2. Margaret riding Mea

  3. Jessey riding Rose


Trail Class #2:


  1. Christine riding Lucky Surprise

  2. Dawsyn riding Hudson

  3. Sheila riding Dan


Trail Class #3:


  1. Bonnie riding Calypso

  2. Nathan riding Mea

  3. Jakob riding Rose

  4. Tiffany riding Hudson

  5. Izak riding Cowboy

Fall, 2017

Games Night Winners

Group 1

Keyhole Bean Bag Bending                   Egg & Spoon                           Token Musical Pylons

1st  Jesse                                   1st  Colton                  1st  Colton

2nd  Sheila                                  2nd  Jesse                  2nd  Sheila

3rd  Colton                                  3rd  Sheila                  3rd  Jesse


Group 2

Cushion Pole Bending                             Egg & Spoon                             Token Musical Pylons

1st  Tiffany                                  1st  Brianna                1st  Brianna

2nd  Jakob                                  2nd  Jakob                 2nd  Jakob

3rd  Brianna                                3rd Tiffany                  3rd  Tiffany

Group 3

Cushion Pole Bending                              Egg & Spoon                            Token Musical Pylons

1st  Nathan                                1st  Nathan                  1st Nathan

2nd  Izak                                    2nd  Izak                      2nd  Kim

3rd  Bonnie                                3rd Bonnie                   3rd  Izak

4th  Kim                                     4th  Kim                        4th  Bonnie


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