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SPRING  2023

AGM:                       Tuesday, January 31, 2023


2023 Memberships Due:  Voting Memberships are $15 - paid once-yearly.

                                          Please e-Transfer fees to:  Gerty Kure:

Rider Forms Due:    April 14, 2023

                                 Please submit online or phone Karla Brautigam (335-9146) or (507-1452)

Rider Fees Due:      April 14, 2023   Please e-Transfer to:

                                 (Spring Session Fee is $160 - plus the $10 non-voting membership fee **.)


                                **The Non-Voting Membership fee is payable only ONCE PER YEAR.  If a rider pays the $10 non-voting fee in the

                                Spring Session, he/she is not required to pay it again at the Fall Session.)

Horse Owner Forms Due:     April 14, 2023

                                             Submit online.

Rider Selection MtgTBA

                                    Location TBA


Horse Testing:         April 242023 at the Caluori Pavilion (Olds)  

                                      Testing times booked between 6:00 - 9:00 pm                                 

                                       ** New horses who have not undergone prior testing - please call Shelene Williams at 403.862.8359 **

Tack Cleaning:         April 24, 2023 at the Caluori Pavilion (Olds)

                                      7:00 pm                      


Volunteer Training:   April 25, 2023 at the Caluori Pavilion (Olds)

                                      7:00 pm


Spring Lessons:         Monday Lessons:          Class 1:  4:00 pm - 5:30 pm (carts)  

                                                                         Class 2:  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm  (riding)                                              

                                                                         Class 3:  7:15 pm - 8:15 pm  (riding)


                                   Monday, May 1                        Caluori Pavilion (Olds)

                                   Monday, May 8                        Caluori Pavilion (Olds)

                                   Monday, May 15                      Caluori Pavilion (Olds)

                                   Monday, May 29                      Caluori Pavilion (Olds)

                                   Monday, June 5                       Caluori Pavilion (Olds)

                                   Monday, June 12                     Caluori Pavilion (Olds)

                                   Monday, June 19                     Caluori Pavilion (Olds)

                               ***Please note:  NO lessons on Monday, May 22 (Victoria Day)


                                Tuesday Lessons:  (Due to a "soft start" return and a shortage of available qualified equines we will not

                                                                have a Tuesday lesson for this spring session.)


Spring Fling Achievement Night:      Monday, June 26, 2023 at the Caluori Pavilion (Olds)  @ 4:00 pm

Instructor:  Shelene Williams: (403-862-8359)


Contact:      Karla Brautigam:  (403-335-9146 or 403-507-1452)

Although public health restrictions for Covid 19 have eased, the risks to AB’s most vulnerable remain.

MVSRA will continue to implement access restrictions and requirements, such as entrance health assessments, masking and social distancing as needed.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we protect those most vulnerable.



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