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The board members and instructors of the Mount View Special Riding Association share your

heightened feelings of concern and uncertainty around COVID-19. We are respectful of the

present cautions and measures our government and the community in general are taking in our

collective effort to stem the tide of COVID-19. We are also getting and heeding guidance from

our certifying body, the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA). 

We remain committed to our program, volunteers, our riders and their families but do have to

grapple with the realities facing us all.

We will continue to closely monitor the changing situation, and will of course comply with

public health guidance as it is offered. We will keep riders, their supports and volunteers posted.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation and, with all of us working together and

supporting one another, will get through this. We look so forward to seeing you all once again.

Hello Riders and Volunteers!


Usually by this time of the year you have heard from someone at Mount View Special Riding Association regarding bring horses or helping with programming or how to register to ride!


Mount View Special Riding Association is cancelling the Fall Riding Session for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you are not part of the equestrian community you may not be aware that nationwide the entire industry is closed.  That means stables; riding schools and training facilities are closed to only staff and almost no one is riding!  Mount View Special Riding Association is very grateful we do not find ourselves in a position of horse or facility ownership.  We continue to be thankful to the Olds Regional Exhibition for their incredible support to MVSRA through the use of their facility and to our many horse owners for their gracious use of their amazing horses. The financial stress is incredible on many similar programs on how to care and feed horses with no income.


However that is not our greatest concern.  We want to you to know how blessed we have been to be partners with you as riders and volunteers creating a safe, beneficial environment for everyone to learn and grow together.  Your health and safety during this time is critical.  We recognize many of you will have many concerns, two being health and finances.


In the meantime please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.  We know many of you have built some enduring relationships through MVSRA and we encourage you to connect with each other. Our program may not be considered essential but you are!


We are cautiously optimistic for a return in the fall.  Until federal and provincial restrictions on gatherings and equine industry standards are re-established we will wait.  There are so many variables and lessons could potentially look quite different. 


Also the CanTRA conference, “Celebrating 40 Years of Leadership” that MVSRA was to host at Olds College May 29-31, 2020, was cancelled.  We want to thank everyone who had made a commitment toward that event.  We are so grateful for the support of our wonderful team and are disappointed we will not have the opportunity to showcase what an amazing group of fantastic people we work with.


Until we connect again; Hold Strong, Have Faith and Share Joy.


Shelene & Diane, Instructors

and the

Mount View Special Riding Association Board